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teeth whitening

Smile FX is a 3 x 15 Minute cosmetic teeth-whitening system. The patented cool blue LED light technology activates our gel formulation, which results in whitening your teeth faster, deeper and keeps them their whitest longer. This has revolutionized cosmetic tooth whitening, in a manner that is safe, effective and pain free.

Smile FX is the # 1 choice for anyone with Tooth Sensitivity. This whitening system is also for people that experience sensitivity from other in-office dental whitening treatments, take home dental trays, or over-the counter whitening systems.


Smile FX is safe for Crowns, Caps and Veneers, and stains will be removed during whitening, returning to their original colour. Smile FX Teeth Whitening is the 100% All-Natural teeth whitening system for better oral hygiene.


1 treatment


3 treatments


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