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Hello, I am Ileana Ottenhof, the owner and operator of Millcreek Laser Hair Removal. And, after many years of of trying it all, bleaching, shaving, waxing, plucking, electrolysis and laser hair removal, I know exactly what it is like trying to get rid of unwanted hair.


Now, I am happy to provide laser hair removal to others at affordable rates in a comfortable and professional atmosphere with Lightsheer™, laser technology known as the Gold Standard in the industry. 


As a certified Lightsheer™ technician, safety and efficiency is at the forefront with strong emphasis on laser hair removal education.  My goal is to always surpass client expectations. 


Please call me for your free no obligation trial and consultation.

  1 Timmerman St.

  Odessa, Ontario

      KOH 2H0

 613 - 888 - 7846


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1 Timmerman St. 

Odessa, Ontario

K0H 2H0

613 - 888 - 7846



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